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[click 'Webmail' on the admin index]

Pagination.NET can set up what ever email addresses you require attached to you website domain. Emails can be accessed in one or more of three ways.

(1) Any email ??????@yourdomain.com.au can be automatically forwarded to any other email.

(2) Mail can be downloaded to a desktop email client such as Eudora or Outlook/Express.
Setup an account with the following settings -
InComing mail server = mail.yourdomain.com.au
Account = ??????@yourdomain.com.au
Password = [as provided]

(3) Mail can be read and sent from https://webmail.yourdomain.com.au

The webmail interface supplied by HORDE has limited functionality but is useful to check you mail while travelling etc.

Note that, by default, most desktop email clients delete the mail on the webserver once it has been downloaded which means that those emails will not be shown if you log into webmail after using a desktop client.

Mail viewed via webmail will remail on the webserver until its is (a) deleted by the user, or (b) downloaded by a desktop email client with 'leave mail on server' option set to 'no'.