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The filters that show in the Filters/Search section at the top of the default database page are set via "Check/configure fields"



For any particular filter(s), select the required option(s) from the associated dropdown list, and then click the "Click to complete search" button.

When refining your search, you can clear/cancel a previously used filter by clicking next to the filter name.


By default the filters work in the positive. eg if the option "Yes" is selected for the "Approved" field, the complete search would return/list all the database records where "Approved" = to "Yes"

Alternatively, if the tick box at the right hand end of the options is ticked, the complete search would return all the database records where "Approved" was NOT = to "Yes".

The "Show ALL Items" buttons can be used to show all the items in the database, however for large databases this is not recommented as (1) it can be very time consuming to display a table with 1000's of records, and (2) it is seldom useful to have 1000's of entries show on the screen.



Apart from filtering data by particular fields, you can search your data for particular words of phrases.


The fields that are searched are set via "General settings".


Legal SQL queries can also be used, for instance ou may want to show all members that DIDN'T have an email address . . so you could enter the following SQL ststement . . .

where email & "" = "" order by Name


Do not hesitate to contact GeelongWeb if you need assistance with any sql ststement.