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A major benefit of the content database is that one or more site navigation menus can be automatically created and updated from the database . . as new pages are added to the database they can automatically linked into the menu system. Items within the content system can be designated as either Main menu items of Sub menu.

The appearance and positioning of the menu, or menus, whilst goverened by the Menus secition of the Content Management System, is normally completed by the site designer. Because the menu  is then rarely altered or repositioned during general site maintenance, by default, the menu administration function is not switched on for general users.

Whilst new menus can be created in the CMS, the code to activate the particular menu needs to be embedded in the required ASP template which is normally done during the website design and development stage. For further information, please contact GeelongWeb/Pagination.

Two basic types of menu are provided . .

The top of a menu is positioned a specified distance [in pixels] down from the top of the page.

The menu can be positioned either . .