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[click 'Forms' on the admin index. If the "Forms" option is not avalable on your Administration menu.]

The Pagination.NET/GeelongWeb CMS allows you to create forms that are used to collect information from visitors to your site.

To create a form, you need to

1 - set up the form's general parameters
2 - set up the fields required on the form, and then
3 - link the form to your page content.

Click "Add New FORM" to start creating a new form, or
click "Edit" on the right of an existing form name to edit/set the form's general parameters.

General Parameters

The form will be sent to whatever emails are listed in the Send Form to field. Separate multiple emails with semicolons. As well as having the form's contents sent to an email, the form can be saved into an online database. Contact Pagination Design Services if you want to have a database setup.

After the form has been submitted the user will be automatically redirected to the url listed in the Next Page field, or if the Next Page field isn't used, the message in the or Message will be displayed after the form is submitted.

Use the Submit Button Title field to set the text you want displayed on the submit button at the bottom of the from.

Sometimes online forms can get targeted by spammer's automatic fill-in robots. Selecting "Yes" fo Use Check Code will add a field at th bottom of the form displaying a random code and asking the user to read and re-enter it, something the robots find difficult.

Once the form has been created, it will appear on the table list of forms with Edit | Fields | View | Copy links at the righthand end.

Add/Create Fields

To set up the 'fields' to be included on the form, click the Fields link to show the Fields table, which will initally be empty [unless you have created the form by copying another]

Click Add Field or Edit links to display the Field editing screen

Good explanations of what each section means are provided on the right of each item.

Note that if the Sort Code field is not used, the created fields will appear on your form in alphabetical order. You can create your own order by using this field with either letters or numbers. Remember that because of the way computers sort numbers 11 will be sorted before 2.

Link form to page

After a form has been created, it can be attached to any content page by editing the page and select the required from from the "Attach Form" drop-down.

By default, the form will display at the bottom of the page, or whereever ##FORM## is typed on the page.