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Database Backup

All GeelongWeb databases are automatically backed up from our live servers in Mulgrave Melbourne to our back up servers in Geelong.

On any day where you make a change to the database (ie either add a new items of edit an existing item), the complete database is backed up.

The back up occurs after the first change is made on thst day. No further backups will be made that day, ie only one backup is made on any day.

In the event of major mistakes made with the database, contact us as quickly as possible, so we can restore the database to the backup made either on that day, or the previous backup if applicable.

Although not necessary, a backup can be emailed to you provided the database file is not too large. (Contact GeelongWeb to have the default email changed)

Provided the backup database is in MSAccess 2007 format, the system can be restored from you backup. Normally any backup and or restore would be handled by GeelongWeb.