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Seting Options for INFO TABLE field types

The INFO TABLE field type allows you to set up a table of infromation in a single database field.

For example, the table below is a simple 8 row x 6 column table that allows the user to input data in 5 of the columns and 7 rows.


INFO-TABLEOPTIONSThe options required to achieve the table above are 8 simple configuration lines with items separated with the ^ character.

The first line defines the column headings
{ColumnHeading}^{ColumnHeading}^ etc

In the example shown, because there isn't any heading text before the first ^, the first column heading will be blank, and because there isn't text after the last ^ then the last column heading will be blank.

The next 7 lines are all formatted the same (although the don't need to be).
Any text will be displayed as static text (so 'Monday', 'Tuesday' will be displayed in the first column.
Because there isn't text infront of the remaining ^ characters, those columns will be filled with a text input field.