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The Content Editor page is where you edit/change the page content and also set all the various parameters that control both how the page might be displayed but also the page's positioning, if any, in the site's menu/navigation system.

Sample view of top section of Page Editor


General Settings

Page Name

Must be a unique name to identify this page. This name will appear in the navigation menu if this item is marked as a Main_Menu_Item or as Sub_Menu of another item. The same name can not be used for a main_menu_item and a sub_menu_item.

Page URL

This is the web page that will be displayed if/when the navigation item matching the page name is clicked.
By default it is set to /MenuName.asp?_=Page Name which will then display the content you have included in the bottom page content section.
You can put an external web page such as https://www.pagination.com.au in which case when the navigation item is clicked, viewers will go straight to that site and the page content section will not be displayed. Normally when linking to extenal sites, it is good practice to tick the Open in new window option so that users will not lose your website. [See Linking section for more detail]

Sometimes when there are large numbers of sub menu items, showing them as a flyout/dropdown from the main menu is too crowded. Rather than have a drop down list, all the submenu items can be automatically shown on bottom of the main menu page as a list of links by ticking the Show sub menu items on page . . options. Tick the Show Sub Menus BEFORE . . option if you want the submenus to appear at the top of the page.

Submenu flyouts/dropdowns can be hidden on mobile devices if desired.

Main Menu Item

Select Yes if you want this page to be listed as an item in the main navigation menu.


Select No if you do not want people to see this page on the menu while you may be working on it. Pages marked as No will not appear on the menu but will still appear in the Content Management system [and they can be accessed publicly with the full URL].

Sort Order

The pages without a "Sort Order" are listed first [in alphabetical order] and then followed by all the pages with a "Sort Order" so you can have the pages appear in any order you wish.
To allow for easy reordering later as you perhaps add more pages, we suggest you use a numbering system such as 000, 010, 020, 030 etc so that you can include say a new page 021 later without having to renumber all the pages.
If two or more pages have the same sort order they will then sort alphabetically at that position.

Membership Group

Where the 'Membership Manager' is installed, members who logon to the website can be allocated to various groups. Pages within the content management system can be also allocated to various groups meaning that only people belonging to that group will be able to see the page.

This is a Sub Menu of . .

If you want this page to be listed as a flyout/dropdown sub menu of a Main_Menu_Item select the Main menu page(s) from this list.

Page Password

If you want the viewing of a page restricted, you can enter a password that must be entered before the page can be viewed. Be aware that anyone who can edit the page can view and change the password.

Head Image details

This area is only required if your page layout design requires placement of a header image in a different area on the page to the general page content. Simply put the full image path and name eg /images/headimage1.jpg

Page Header detail

This area is only required if your page layout design requires placement of the header in a different area on the page to the general page content. To create any special formatting in this area html codes need to be used.
This field is also used for complex layouts where content from other menus needs to be included within a IFrame [See Multiple Menus section]


List the people [separated by spaces] who you want to be able to edit this page or leave this area blank if you want anyone (who has access to the content management system) to be able to edit this page.

Special menu background Colour [Hex]

The colour of the menu and rollover panels are set in the website menu setup, however you can over-ride this colour by including your own 6 digit hex colour code. Click the colour wheel icon to select a desired colour.

Automatic functions

There are several automatic functions that can easily be attached to the top, bottom (or anywhere else on the page.

These include Document listings, Image/PDF listings; Rotate images; Slideshows; Scroll images across; Galleries; Photogrids; Moviegrids; Photo marquees.

Attach a form

Any form that ha been created (see Forms section) can easily be attached to the page.

Attach a video

Any Video previously uploaded (see Video section) can easily be attached to the page.

Page content area

You can type in the content of your page here or do a cut and paste from other documents.
If cutting/pasting from MSWord documents, rather than paste directly into the content window, click on the "paste from word" icon . and then paste into that window. This process removes some unwanted hidden coding may be in the original Word document that can cause unexpected results. Generally in is best to copy from your word document and then paste into Notepad (this removes the formatting and hidden coding) and then cut and paste from there into the page content area. [Editing page content section]
You can create links on your page by using the link icon to external sites or internal pages [See Linking section below].

Sample view of bottom of Page Editor


Page Title / Page Description / Meta tags

Only required if you want this item to be different to the defaults site settings [See Content Meta Tags]. For additional advice on search engine optimization and techniques please do not hesitate to contact Pagination Design Services.

Page history

This area lists the past few times this page was edited and by who.