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Inserting Videos/Movies

You can play/insert videos or movies on you page by either . .


(a) Stream/play the video direct from your site [the best option]

You can easily stream/play various video formats from your website including Windows Movie Videos, Flash Movies and QuickTime movies. You can use just one particular format, eg .WMV, but this may be limiting as some browsers/versions may not support that format. For total cross browser compatibility the best option is to use HTML5 format.

To add videos/movies to your page . .

  1. Create a new directory called Videos or Movies etc and upload your video files just as you would with any other file.
  2. Add the streaming code to the page URL

    eg your existing page URL might be  . .
    This would become
    /Main.asp?_=PageName&VIDEO=/edit/movies/movieName.WMV [for .wmv and .mp4 files]
    /Main.asp?_=PageName&FLV=/edit/movies/movieName.FLV [for .flv files]
    /Main.asp?_=PageName&MP3=/edit/movies/movieName.MP3 [for .mp3 files]
    /Main.asp?_=PageName&H5=/edit/movies/movieName [Note NO extension***]

*** Using .WMV, .FLV or .MP3 is ok but some browsers/platforms do not support all formats, that's why the H5 [html5] option is best . .
but it involves uploading a set of files for each video, eg

. . the system then works out what browser/platform is being used and then streams the correct format.

There are a couple of free utilities that will take your existing movie and prepare/convert the set of files you need.


(b) Embedding an iFrame with code supplied from video sites such as YouTube or Vimo.

These sites will provide you with the correct code, which will typically look a bit like this . .

iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/????????" width="500" height="375" frameborder="0" /iframe

You will need to edit you page in HTML view so that you can paste this code in where desired.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance