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Editing page content

The page content window is headed by 3 rows of icons that provide various editing functions. If you hover the mouse over any icon you will see a brief description of what it does.

Text functions

Before using the following icons, highlight the required section of text before clicking on the appropriate icon to format that section of text.

Bold | Italic text | Justify text centre, left right etc | Colour text or background | Bullet or numbered lists | Indent left/right, Blockquote | cut text [also control X] Subscript/Superscript | Remove formatting

Formatting functions

Before using the following icons, insert the curser at the required position before clicking on the appropriate icon to insert the feature.

Insert date | Insert horizontal rule | Insert custom character | Insert Anchor | Insert Image | Insert media [See Inserting media section below] | Insert Table

General functions

The functions below operate regardless of where the curser is placed in the content.

Spell Check [The first time you use this function you may be asked to download and install the free ISpell Active x component]

Search | Search and Replace | Undo | Show/Hide guidelines | Clean up code | Toggle full screen mode | HTML view/editing

Inserting Media

If you want movie clips and other flash media to play on you page you can either  . .