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To access the administration system, go to www.yourwebsite.com.au/admin


Enter the User name and entry password that was provided to you by Pagination.NET when the website was setup.

If the computer you are using is in a secure area, the system can remember your user name and password so that you do not need to type then each time you want to 'login'.


/edit/CMSHelp/ADMIN_INDEX.GIFOnce your user name and password is accepted the Administration Index is shown with various links shown.

The actual links shown may vary depending on the features installed on your website but the common ones are listed below. Click on any the links below for detailed descriptions and help.

At any stage while you are in 'Administration Mode' you can return to your website by either clicking the 'Home' link at the bottom left of the administration index page to view any changes.

While in Administration mode and viewing your website pages, a thin grey Administration Panel shows at the top middle of your webpages.


To return to the administration index simply click the link in the middle of the administration panel. The Administration Mode panel also has links to the home page and [on most pages] a quick link to "Edit this Page"