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Linking the Menu Item

In the Page_URL field you can easily link to any page within your own site [eg /MenuName.asp?_=Page Name] or other external websites [eg https://www.pagination.com.au]. If you want the link to open the link in a new window, tick the Open in new window option.

Normally, when you create a new page and after typing the page name, the CMS will automatically create the Page_URL. Eg typing a page name of "Condition" in the Main menu will automatically crete the Page_URL of /main.ap?_=Condition. This Page_URL will display the content content typed in the content window below.

Sometimes however you want to link the menu item to either an external website or perhaps other documents or pages on your own site. In this case, the Page_URL needs to be the exact URL of that website or document.

You can also show a directory listing of files or images by extending the Page_URL or link as
/MenuName.asp?_Page Name&d=Directory&x=Extension&w=Window where
Directory is the directory containing the files (eg /edit/newsletters/)
Extension is the file extension you want to display (eg htm, jpg, pdf). If left blank all files will be shown.
Window is the how you then want the files displayed ie the Window Type . .

N (Normal/Default) = Displays list of names without extensions. Opens in full window
F (Full file name) = Displays list including extension. Opens in full window
Y (Yes) = Displays list of names without extensions. Opens in popup window
P (Photos) = Displays images matching Ext in a directory, no links
I (Image) = Displays images in directory. Links to matching htm doc (in /edit/html/) in full window**
IPDF (Image PDF) = as I, but opens matching PDF file
IP (Image Popup) = as I, but opens in Popup**
TN (Thumbnails) = Displays thumbnail images [_TN] and links to high res file [_HR] (in _/edit/image_hr) in a popoup window**
TNL (Thumbnails) = Displays thumbnail images [_TN] and replaces "theImage" high res file [_HR] (in _/edit/image_hr)**
TS (Thumbnails same) = Displays thumbnail images and links to high res file with same name (in _/edit/image_hr) in a popoup window**
D1 etc (Display) = Displays plain htm and links to _Display_File.asp or other files
DP1 etc (Display Popup) = as D, but opens in Popup
TO REVERSE ORDER make EXT = "R" . . eg &x=R

** The GALLERY feature may be more suitable in some cases.

Any files display will be listed in alphabetical order, or thay can be listed in REVERSE alphabetical order by using &x=R as part of the Page URL

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact Pagination Design Services (03 5223 2494)

Other Links on a page

You can link any text or images to other pages or documents etc very easily.

To create a link, either highlight the required text or select the required image, then click the link icon  .


By using the various dropdown options you can link to . .

Use the Target option to set how the link will open, and the Class option to apply any special formatting.


Click Insert once your link is setup as required.