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CHOOSE%20DATABASE%20LINK.JPGDatabase Operation and configuration

GeelongWeb has a very powerful database module that can be configured to provide a wide range of functions and facilities very easily.

We can set up databases for a variety purposes and the databases can can almost any desired name. For the purposes of these help files we will assume the database is called "Members"

Any databases that have been setup will have a basic link in the left hand administration index.

When you initially click on the database ("Members") link, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

(Depending on your configuration some features may not be visible in your module)




Top links

The top links are generally for administration purposes and would not be used regularly (for more detail about any of these functions, click the relevant link below)


Various data fields can be used to filter/sort your data. The available filters are set via "Check/configure fields". More detail about filters

Search/Quick links

As well as filters, general searches can be set and particular fields can be used as "Alpha Shortcuts" or "Quick Links"

Display columns

The display columns that displays your data (and the order of those columns) is set via "Check/configure fields"