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Add/Edit database field

When you click on any green edit icon or click the "Add new Item" button you will be shown the Add/Edit database field screen.


Each item has a detailed explanation about it's use and function underneath the item


Field type - determins what sort of data is stored in this field . . TEXT, IMAGE, DATE etc


Name of Item / [D'base field name] - You can have any item name you wish and you will notice that the system will automatically create a legitimate D'base field name in the box underneath . . and unless there is a good reason, it is best to keep the suggest database field name.

Eg For an Item name of "Last name" the [D'base field name] will be created as "last_name"


Warning - Re naming Items and or D'base field name. Prior to adding any data into the database you can rename both these fields without causing any issues.

However, once the database has been populated with data, renaming the [D'base field name] will cause the original data to be lost.


If you originally created an item called "Last Name" the system creates the database field as "last_name" and stores any "Last Name" data in the "last_name" database field.

Once populated with data, if you rename your "Last Name" item to say "Surname" and leave the [D'base field name] as "last_name", any surname data will be stored in the original "last_name" database field and you will not loose any data.

If however you rename both the item and the [D'base field name] to "surname" any surname data will be stored in the (new) "surname" field and the old "last_name" data will no longer be visible . . although it will still be in the database in the background


If you need further help with any of these options, do not hesiate to contact GeelongWeb