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[click 'Content' on the admin index]

The Content Manager shows all the 'pages' of the website in a table showing the structure of the site . . Main menu items and then any associated submenus in the next column.

Pages that do not form part of the menu system are listed below the "Main Menu Items" in a section labelled Web site content - non menu items.

If a page was set as a submenu of a particular Main Menu Item, and that Main Menu Item was later renamed or deleted, those pages will be listed in the Web site content assigned to missing main pages.

To Edit or amend a page, click on the red page name. To Preview a page click the icon to the left of the page name.
[The icon to the left of the page name indicates that the page will be included on the Google indexing site map.]


Most websites only have one menu/navigation system . . ie all the pages making up the site have the same menu/navigation items. However, if desired, the Pagination.NET/GeelongWeb CMS allows for several menus to be setup on your website so that different sections of you site can have different menus.

If your site does has several menus installed, there will be a drop-down selector to choose which menu structure you would like to display.
[The drop-down selector will not appear on sites with only one menu.]

To add a new page,

Adding or editing a page opens the Content EDITOR page.