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Pagination Design Services and Geelong Web creates websites using advanced technologies which enable complex websites to be easily and efficiently maintained.

Traditional websites are a series of coded text files with the name extention of either .HTM or .HTML. The web browser interprets these files, reading the standard HTML coding to display the page as desired.

If a website requires say 100 pages, then 100 .htm files will be required with links between the various files. Many of the files will require duplicate material if there are similar elements on more than one page. This duplication means the size of the site is unnecessarily inflated and making changes across the site can be quite time consuming.

Your Pagination/GeelongWeb website makes extensive use of ASP (Active Server Pages) where, instead of keeping the website content in many individual .htm files, the website content is kept in a compact efficient single database.

The site consists of one or two 'template' files [typically named main.asp or page.asp] which automatically draw the content from the database and then present the browser with the required html code on the fly. The same template page delivers different content simply by altering the 'querystring' appended to the file name eg main.asp?_=Page1, main.asp?_=Page2 etc.

This approach means that the traditional 100 page, 100 file site becomes one or two .asp files plus a single database file, greatly reducing the total size of the site, but also, the use of the database and ASP technology means authorised users can be allowed access to make instant changes online including uploading and changes images, video and other documents.

Another major benefit of the content database is that a site navigation menu system can be automatically created and updated from the database . . as new pages are added to the database they can automatically linked into the menu system.

The Pagination.NET/GeelongWeb Content Management System [CMS] is a suite of online software that makes managing your website's content very easy.

This website provides online help for all of the functionality within the CMS. The Pagination.NET/GeelongWeb is constantly being upgraded and improved. [New updates are provided to our costomers free of charge]. Sometimes the appearance of your CMS may differ slightly from the illustrations show here. If you have any difficulty in using your CMS, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


  Logging in to Administration
  Customising Admin Default Page
  Content Manager
  Content Editor
  Editing page content
  Inserting images
  Inserting Videos/Movies
  Creating Forms
  Multiple Menus
  Edit CSS File
  Content Meta Tags
  HTML Cleanup
  Add/Edit database field
  Check duplicates/blanks
  Check/configure fields
  General Settings
  Upload CSV data
  Upload XLS data
  AWStats Statistics
  Directories/Folders for files
  Rename or delete files
  Uploading files
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