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[click 'Users' on the admin index]

The users that are entitled to have access to the administration are listed with a summary of the "permissions" granted to then. If you have been granted "users" permission, each user will be followed by a "Edit", "Delete" and "Login as this user" and you will be able to Add and/or Edit users.


When you Add or Edit a user, a list of available permission checkboxes are shown on the right. The list will vary depending on the applications/programs that are installed on your website.


Content - allows access to the content editing
Content_Edit_all - allows editing of ALL menus if more that one is installed.
If multiple menus are installed, each will have it's own permission so you can allow users access to just particular menus if required.

Every_Page - allows editing of ALL pages. If this is unticked users will only be able to edit pages where their login name is listed in the page "Editors" field.
New_Page - allows creation of new pages.
Delete_Page - allows page deletion.

html - allows HTML code editing of pages for experienced users.

Forms, Menu etc - allows access various systems within the CMS. Most are self explanitory, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.