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Multiple Menus

While most small to medium sized website will only have a single menu system, where all the pages have the same navigation system, some more complex websites may require several different menu systems.

For example, imagine a clothings store that might have 2 distinct product ranges, one for men and one for women.

Their website might have 3 quite different sections . .

  1. General pages [contact information, trading terms, history etc]
  2. Womens section
  3. Mens section

If a completely different look/feel is required for each section, three menus and three template/master pages would be required . .
Main.asp, Men.asp, Women.asp [Pagination Design Services will setup these master pages and provide guidance on how to use them].

The CMS content system would now have 3 menu systems [Main, Men, Women]. The placement, layout and colours etc of each could be quite different.

/edit/CMSHelp/ADMIN_CONTENT_MULTI_MENUS.GIFIf your website has more than one menu/section, the available menus will be shown at the top of the Content Manager. To add a new page, you will need to select the required menu first.

By default, all the pages from all the menus will be displayed in the Content Manager, however you can choose to only display the particular menu you are working on.

Sometimes, dealing with "common" content can create unwanted results. Lets assume you want to link to the "Trading Terms" page [in the Main menu] from within the Men's section. This can be done easly but means that users will be taken from the "Men" look and feel to the "Main" section look and feel.

You could duplicate the "Trading Terms" content in both the "Men" and "Women" sections but this would require additional upkeep and maintenance.

The Pagination CMS allows common content to be included in different menus so that the same content can be presented with different look and navigation.

To do this . . .

  1. Create you common content in one menu system [eg "Trading Terms" in Main menu]
  2. Create a page on the other 2 menus [eg "Trading Terms" in Mens menu and also Womens menu]
  3. Rather than copy the actual content from "Trading Terms" in Main menu to the other section, this content is included in an IFrame on the Men and Women menu pages.
  4. Click the  icon at the righthand end of the PageHeader field
  5. Select the required common page and nominate the size of the IFrame
  6. Save you page