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It has come to our attention that some mail users believe that we (Pagination Design / Geelong Web) have a backup of your mailbox, so in the event of failure we can restore lost mail.

Unfortunately this is NOT the case. For technical and privacy reasons we do NOT have a back up of the contents of your mail box on the mail server.

As your mail box contents on the server is quite large, it is important that you have a local back up of you mail box.


Also depending on the total size of all your company mailboxes on the server, you may incur additional storage costs, so cleaning out your mail box may reduce your storage costs.

POP accounts

If your mail account is set as a POP account on your local computer, you effectively have a local copy on your computer, so you should be able to reduce the size of the mailbox on the server quite easily, and if you are not accessing your mail via any secondary device (eg mobile phone tablet etc) you can change your POP settings to delete all mail on the server immediately after you have downloaded it.

IMAP/Webmail accounts

IMAP and Webmail accounts store the mail on the mail server, so in the event of an internet connection failure, your mail is unavailable; and in the rare but possible event of a total mail server failure, whilst we can quickly restore the hardware etc so the service is up and running again, we can not restore the original contents of your mail box.

IMAP and Webmail MUST make a local backup/copy of important previous emails.


If you have any queries or need assistance with regard to you mail setup please do not hesitate to contact me.


Stephen Davey

Pagination Design Services/ Geelong Web.