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You may be aware that the registrar controller of Australian Domain names (auDA) is allowing .au (instead of, or as well as ) .com.au domain name registrations as from 24/11/2022.

As you are the registrant of a .com.au (##domain_name##) domain name, auDA is offering you a Priority right to claim the corresponding name directly under .AU. Which means that unless there is a .net.au, .org.au version of your domain previously registered, you will be able to register the .AU version.

You do NOT need to register the .AU version, and failing to register the .AU version will not effect in any way your existing ##domain_name## domain name.

However, you do need to be aware that the auDA rules have been changed so that, after 24/11/2022, if you have not taken up the Priority right, ANYONE with Australian residential rights can register the .AU version without the need for a supporting ABN or close business name match (which is now the case for .com.au).

You should consider if someone registering the same domain as you (ending .AU) might have a negative impact of your ##domain_name## domain, and if you believe it will, then I would advise lodging your Priority claim as soon as possible.

If you would like to register the .AU version, simply reply to this email and I can lodge your claim on your behalf ($90 + GST for 2 years) and then for the moment point the .AU domain to ##domain_name##. (If desired, at a later date you can make the .AU a separate and independant website).

If you don't wish to register the .AU version you can ignore this email.


Stephen Davey
Pagination Design Services / GeelongWeb